16 de septiembre de 2007

Silent decay - The pain of creation (2007)

Grupo: Silent decay
Album: The pain of creation
Genero: Metalcore
Año: 2007

MySpace: HERE

01. Keep it real 05:33

02. Good as drink is

03:5203. Of good and bad 05:36

04. What a shame 04:34

05. Loved but hated dreams 04:00

06. Believe vs experience 03:52

07. Ghost 03:09

08. Open your eyes 04:35

09. Strong like this 04:01

10. My jesus mercy 06:30

Metalcore? Screamo? Neo Thrash? New Metal? Göteborg Metal? Whatever... For Silent Decay it’s all simply Metal. The band doesn’t care for categories. Silent Decay know their Metal roots but are not stuck in the past. They constantly developed their sound without forgetting where they have come from. Bulky guitars, catchy leads, pushing rhythms and concise vocals above – that is the framework of their music. The audience is run over by the coarse power. But Silent Decay never forgets to put in melodies and hooklines to hold on to.

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