9 de septiembre de 2007

Malefice - Entities (2007)

Grupo: Malefice
Album: Entities
Genero: Death Metal/Thrash Metal/MetalCore
Año: 2007

MySpace: HERE

o1. Empirical Proof (part one)

o2. Risen Through The Ashes

o3. Into A New Light

o4. Dreams Without Courage

o5. History Repeats

o6. Traitor To All You Know

o7. Horizon Burns

o8. Empirical Proof (part two)

o9. As Skies Turn Black1o. Nothing Left

11. A World Deceased

12. Bringer Of War


"Malefice have a sparkle that sets them apart. If you want something that will take you apart limb from limb, get Entities!" 8/10 - Terrorizer
"This is a pure, brutal body-slam of an album... forged with enough skill and fury to challenge the American big guns" KKKK - Kerrang!
"Malefice have pulled together an international class stormer of an album. Absolutely stuffed with phenominal musicianship, imaginative structures, and some of the best drum work from a Brit since John Bonham. Seriously, it's that good!" 9/10 - Rock Sound
"Equal parts precision musicianship and raw brutality, precise yet pummelling drumming and some scarily intense vocals. Malefice are just as deserving of your attention as the latest big thing from the US!" 4/5 - Big Cheese

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chris dijo...

Malefice are a sick band and really great guys, they're featured in this piece about the Reading metal scene http://bit.ly/9veZdo

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