21 de septiembre de 2007

The Best Of Myspace Indiecore By Pony

Grupo: V.A.
Album: The Best Of Myspace Indiecore By Pony
Genero: Metalcore/Deathcore/Deathgrind
Año: 2007

01 Nostalia-a plagued masquerade(Version With An intro)
02 Pillars Of Autumn-Pork Burger
03 The Color Of Mourning-Buried Beneath
04 the knights of abaddon - the clouds alight w...
05 The Seventh Soldier-15 Biches And Counting
06 Time Has Come- Crying Stars For Ana
07 Flesh Of Captains-Hold Your Guns
08 All The Heathers Are Dying-Get UP The Staircase
09 Pillars Of Autumn-Revenge Of The Penguins
10 The Color Of Mourning-Only In World War 2
11 Nostalia - napalmed bodies (First Version)
12 All The Heathers Are Dying-CowBrainBoat
13 Nostalia - slaves of us all

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