23 de septiembre de 2007

The eyes of a traitor - By sunset (ep) (2007)

Grupo: The eyes of a traitor
Album: By sunset (ep)
Genero: Deathcore/Metalcore
Año: 2007
MySpace: HERE

o1. Disrememberence
o2. By Sunset
o3. Bloodshed
o4. For Reasons That Remain Unclear
o5. Tombstone City

Before blowing a gasket at the fact that The Eyes of a Traitor is comprised of five 16-year-old gents, have a listen and absorb the sheer aggressiveness offered on their debut recording, the “By Sunset” EP. These fine young Brits carve a mature sound that reaches toward epic and, in their moments of finest form, wrap a few fingers around that elusive, hackneyed term. But being larger-than-life is not the concern here; the group ambitiously hones in on ripping through tunes that meet along the crossroads of metalcore, vintage Gothenburg goodness, ruinous heaviness, and technical instrumentation. The riffs are nimbly executed and diverse, the lowest-of-the-low-end chugs crash from the speakers with the weight of collapsing cities, and both share something in common, along with the spots of virtuoso shred; a severe, not-to-be-trifled-with tightness. Metal fans need listen no further than the one-minute mark of the EP opener, “Disremembrance,” when the just-old-enough-to-drive axemen trade spots of morphing, jaw-dropping sweeps. Stating that they “hope to add something to the scene and create our own style of music,” The Eyes of a Traitor aren’t afraid to take chances. Equally impressive as the EP’s opening minute, the final moments feature all the facets that assemble the group’s considerable merits: a closing breakdown which sports ideas all their own, which flows into a well-written soothing bit before a conclusion truly deserving of the term explosive. With fresh, capable playing skills, led by ferocious vocals and a determined attitude, great things are on the horizon, and The Eyes of a Traitor will take them by force.

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