30 de septiembre de 2007

Deserves to die - Surrender all but our skin (2007)

Grupo: Deserves to die
Album: Surrender all but our skin
Genero: Metalcore
Año: 2007
MySpace: HERE

1. Decisive Hour 4:00

2. Make It Through The Day 4:22

3. Torn Beyond Self-Demise 4:18

4. Without Reason 2:32

5. Relentless 3:34

6. The Irony Isn't Lost On Me 4:22

7. First Affliction 4:14

8. Bleeding Me Dry 3:16

9. Wrong Time For Regret 3:11

10. She Screamed Hatred 3:25

11. Last Betrayal 3:16

Deserves to Die are the band to offer metal fans that pure, unadulterated musical carnage that their lives have been missing. That's not to say they are any other typical metal band, far from it, but their throat cutting vocals, in-your-face rage will certainly have fans of As I Lay Dying, Lamb Of God and The Haunted left wanting more. Beautifully brutal, Deserves to Die will pound you with huge slabs of metal and then send you sky-high with the sort of anthemic melodies most bands could only dream of. Formed In Late 2005, Deserves to Die quickly released a four song demo. After playing just a handful of shows, including those with Enter Shikari, Beecher, The Architects and The Bled, the band were invited to play the Leeds/Reading Festival and soon after that signed to Grind That Axe Records (known for exposing such bands as Pantera, Rammstein, Sikth and Murder One, to name just a few).Deserves to Die release their debut album, ‘Surrender All But Our Skin’, in July 2007. Recorded and produced by Dan Turner (Cradle Of Filth, Bullet For My Valentine, 3 Inches Of Blood), the album showcases the raw talent and songwriting quality that sets them apart from their peers. The band is now poised to hit the UK on an intensive tour throughout 2007, including shows with metal giants Lamb of God and Chimaira.Deserves to Die are a five-piece who deal in shredding guitars, throat-slicing vocals and solid riffs. Add in some sweet melodies and you can see why the UK underground is in a frenzy over this Yorkshire band.

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