23 de septiembre de 2007

3 Mile scream - A prelude to our demise (2006)

Grupo: 3 Mile scream
Album: A prelude to our demise
Genero: Metalcore/Modern Thrash-Death
Año: 2006
MySpace: HERE

01 - Prelude
02 - Mourning The Lost
03 - Forced Entry
04 - Our Blackened Sun
05 - Dare To Question
06 - Confession
07 - Escape The Irony
08 - What Once Was
09 - Apathy
10 - Crippled Nation
11 - Repent

Formed in early 2002, 3 Mile Scream was created out of the ashes of various metal group's throughout the Montreal scene. Embracing a "no sleep, no need" work ethic, the band went on to play countless gigs opening up for mainstream heavyweights like Unearth, Soulfly, Cryptopsy, God Forbid, Strapping Young Lad, Cannae, Bury Your Dead and A Perfect Murder. 3 Mile Scream's explosive live show, a maelstrom of intense unrelenting metal, quickly helped the band win a cult like following throughout the metal and hardcore scene all without any help from management or a record label.

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