16 de septiembre de 2007

Greta knights - See you on the dance floor (2007)

Grupo: Greta knights
Album: See you on the dance floor
Genero: Death Metal/DeathCore with Electro and Trance elements
Año: 2007

MySpace: HERE

o1. Intro

o2. Global Warming

o3. To End All Wars

o4. Lies Of Mass Destruction

o5. Field Trip To The Slaughter House

o6. New World Order

o7. Another Day In Death Row

o8. Surprise Surprise

o9. Whore Contest

1o. Section 8

11. Withered

We're a melodic deathcore band hailing from Gatineau, QC. The band started with Steph and Alex jamming since February '06, composed a few riffs, few songs, etc. A friend of ours, Shawn, was added to the line-up in June on bass. Then J-F and his friend Rémi in September. With J-F on drums and Remi on vocals, the line-up was ready to break down fucking walls. Unfortunately, Alex was struggling on guitar and Shawn's heart was devoted to guitar. So we tried him and we knew this was the way to go. Alex cleaned up his act and proved himself on bass and from that exact moment GRETA KNIGHTS was born.

FOE FANS OF:Job For a Cowboy, Enter Shikari, Through the Eyes of the Dead, All Shall Perish, Winter Solstice, Parkway Drive,

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