11 de septiembre de 2007

The black dahlia murder - Nocturnal (2007)

Grupo: The black dahlia murder
Album: Nocturnal
Genero: Melodic Death/Metalcore/Deathcore
Año: 2007

MySpace: HERE

01. Everything Went Black

02. What A Horrible Night To Have A Curse

03. Virally Yours

04. I Worship Only What You Bleed

05. Nocturnal

06. Deathmask Divine

07. Of Darkness Spawned

08. Climactic Degradation

09. To A Breathless Oblivion

10. Warborn
Product Description:
The often imitated yet never duplicated Detroit deathsters The Black Dahlia Murder have returned to the public eye to reclaim their rightful throne as leaders of all things extreme with their third blackened opus of thrashing melodic death metal, Nocturnal. Thematically, the band has never been more horrifying. Vocalist Trevor Strnad explains, "Lyrically, I believe Nocturnal is our most evil outing yet. It is a full return to the death/gore lyrical style that helped establish us in the first place. It is an ode to the great Death Metal records of past, while also being our most original and inventive outing to date." The climate of the metal scene has never been more primed for the aural punishment that Nocturnal offers in spades. Prepare to revel in the abysmal horror that is The Black Dahlia Murder.

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