5 de agosto de 2007

The Number Twelve Looks Like You- Mongrel

Banda: The Number Twelve Looks Like You
Album: Mongrel
Genero: grindcore/metalcore
Track Listing:

01 Imagine Nation Express
02 El Piñata De La Muerte
03 Jay Walking Backwards
04 Grandfather
05 Alright, I Admit It...It Was A Wh
06 Paper Weight Pigs
07 Sleeping With The Fishes, See_
08 Cradle In The Crater
09 The Weekly Wars
10 The Try (Thank You)

2 comentarios:

God Of Bugs dijo...

01 - Hyperborea
02 - Murder
03 - The startling secret of super sapphire
04 - The Beach
05 - Face of bear
06 - Crickets
07 - New york city
08 - Sex raptor
09 - The red tornado
10 - Crown town
11 - treasure train
12 - His purple majesty
13 - Kangarooster meadows
14 - Rotting horse
15 - I think we are both suffering from smae crushing metaphysical crisis
16 - Lif

Anónimo dijo...

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