16 de agosto de 2007

Misericordiam - A thin line between man and machine (2007)

Grupo: Misericordiam
Album: A thin line between man and machine
Genero: Deathcore
Año: 2007

1. Social Jihad And Genocide: The Only Certainty In An Uncertain World With No Promise Of Tomorrow (1:50)

2. Cum Sucking Whore: Coldstone Wins (4:27)

3. Indie Girl: Admiration For The Girl Without A Face (2:40)

4. Obsessive Compulsive: The Act Of Fornication Compulsive (2:23)

5. Hefty Bag Disposal: The Promise Ring (4:17)

6. Sha Sha In Her Boomboxx: Mhmm Tastes Like Pussy (2:30)

7. The Kay Razzle Extravaganza Presents...The Fingerbang Legshake (3:57)

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